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Chaddesden and Spondon

Chaddesden and SpondonSafer Neighbourhood Team

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This Safer Neighbourhood area covers Chaddesden and Spondon. It belongs to the Derby North policing section.Chaddesden, situated just north of Derby City is well populated with only one park, Chaddesden Park and some rural areas to the north. Spondon has a shopping precinct, community centre, two churches and several schools, the senior school being West Park Secondary School.

Team Members

Vernon Bell

PC 2571 Vernon Bell

Stephen Meek

PC 3116 Stephen Meek

Mark Atterbury

PC 14290 Mark Atterbury

Daniel Walker

PCSO 4615 Daniel Walker

Alan Cook

PCSO 12770 Alan Cook

Kelsey Mumford

PCSO 12788 Kelsey Mumford

Denis Baker

SC 19622 Denis Baker

These priorities were set by your team following community feedback. Contact your team in person, by phone or online to let them know your priorities.

Your current priorities for this neighbourhood


Theft from Motor Vehicles (Chaddesden and Spondon)

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 01/12/2017
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • High visibility patrols in areas effected.
  • Work with residents to improve security and removing valuables from vehicles
  • Crime prevention and property marking events
  • Increase public awareness and circulate crime prevention advice for vehicle owners and steps they can take to avoid becoming a victim of these crimes
  • Encourage residents to report persons or vehicles behaving suspiciously using 999 if occurring at the time.
  • Encourage use of 101 and Crimestoppers to give names of offenders

Anti-social behaviour in Chaddesden Park

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 01/12/2017
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Increase high visibility patrols in area
  • Ask residents to continue to report incidents of ASB giving descriptions of individuals and times, where possible
  • Take positive action with perpetrators of ASB and continue to provide reassurance for the community through regular updates
  • Use of dispersal powers
  • Working with partners to identify opportunities to change the geography of the park to include security measures and discourage ASB and criminal damage.

Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeants

Photo: Sergeant 3337 Ed Browne
  • Sergeant 3337 Ed Browne

In the last ten years I have built up my experience and knowledge by working in a variety of roles and units including response, investigations, neighbourhoods and pro-active teams, mainly at Derby West and Derby North sections.  

I aim to work with the community and partners in order that we be as effective as possible in preventing crime and anti-social behaviour, protecting vulnerable people and attacking the criminal networks that operate in the local area. I will ensure that my officers provide reassurance by being visible and also by being pro-active in targeting those who would cause harm within the community.  

Please have confidence in approaching us and reporting issues. The police cannot operate successfully without the support and assistance of the community, so it is important that we work together to tackle problems.

Safer Neighbourhood Events

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Crime Information


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