St Werburgh's Primary School encourage parents to park with consideration

Posted on 16th December 2014

Police are asking parents to be considerate to pedestrians, other road users and homeowners when parking near a primary school in Derby.Spondon-Park-and-Stride-poster

Members of the public who live near St Werburgh’s Primary School have complained about drivers speeding and parking on pavements outside the school and blocking the road for other motorists.

To try and raise awareness with parents about this problem, PCSO Kate Hodnett and PCSO James Bennett of the Spondon Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team recently launched a poster competition in the school.

The aim was for children to draw a poster that helps to inform parents about their parking and to encourage them to think of safety for everyone whilst they wait for their children .                  

Three sessions took place with different classes in the school where they were taught about road safety and asked to a design a poster.


The winning poster was turned into a poster board and placed outside the school in full view of parents dropping off and picking up the youngsters.

PCSO Hodnett from the team, said: “The winning posters have been turned into a board for the school gates.                      Spondon-park-and-stride

“The majority of our drivers are considerate but we do find a few who have caused problems for others with their parking.

“We wanted to involve the children since it is important for them to understand the seriousness about road safety as well.

“The simple solution is for drivers to be mindful of where they are parking and if a road, pavement or driveway is blocked even for a minute, park somewhere else, the Malt Shovel car park has been authorised for use so please take advantage of it.”

To speak to Spondon Safer Neighbourhood Team, call 101.

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