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Police put brakes on drivers ignoring restrictions on city centre road

Posted on 22nd November 2013
Babington-Lane-2 PCSOs Hannah Blockwell, left, and Michelle Daly at Babington Lane

Motorists are being reminded not to drive along a stretch of road in the city centre as part of a police road safety operation.

Officers from Derby City Safer Neighbourhood Team have been monitoring traffic on Babington Lane, where the road turns onto St Peter’s Street and to The Spot.

That road is accessible to buses, taxis, cyclists and drivers with blue disabled badges only and cannot be used as a cut-through by other motorists.

In recent weeks, police have had reports that drivers were ignoring the road restrictions.

As a result, officers have been checking vehicles using the route and warning motorists that they could face fines if they drive along it.

Sergeant Brian Clifton, who leads the team, said: “There are restrictions on that part of the road to control traffic in the city centre and drivers need to obey them.

“We have had reports of cars cutting through there, with some going at speed, and we are putting a stop to it before there is an accident.

“Officers have been stopping drivers to tell them about the restrictions, checking disabled badges and making sure the traffic flow is smooth.

“Many drivers have been turned away already and we will continue to do that until the message gets through. Repeat offenders could also face fines so I’d urge any driver who doesn’t want one to stick to the rules of the road.”

The ongoing police operation has been praised by pedestrians, taxi drivers and other road users.

Derby resident John Harpur said: “It’s amazing how much quieter it is and that makes it so much better and safer for pedestrians.

“I’m a regular user of the area and when the officers control the traffic, it really does make a difference.”

For more information, call the Safer Neighbourhood team on 101.


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