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Police reminder about doorstep callers in the run-up to Christmas

Posted on 29th November 2013

Police are urging people to be on the lookout for suspicious callers offering goods for sale in the Christmas shopping season.

Officers from Oakwood Safer Neighbourhood Team were called to a property in Meadowlark Grove after a man walked into the house and sold items to the resident.

The seller did not have a Pedlar’s Certificate, which are issued by police and must be carried by anyone offering items for sale.

The incident, which happened on the morning of Tuesday, November 26, has prompted police to remind people about home security and checking the identity of callers.

Oakwood Safer Neighbourhood Team is also heading out on patrol to check that any cold callers are properly certified.

Sergeant Lauren Woods, who leads the team, said: “With Christmas coming up, we want people to be vigilant when answering the door to people selling goods or offering to do work.

“The likelihood is that they are genuine callers but it’s important people are aware of distraction burglary techniques and what they can do to keep themselves safe.

“It’s also vital for people to make sure their house is secure and doors and windows locked, even if you’re home.

“If a cold caller knocks on your door, the first thing you should do is properly check their identity – genuine callers won’t mind this at all and it could stop you from becoming a victim of crime.”

Other advice around cold callers includes:

  • Always check the identity of visitors and ring the company they claim to be working for – genuine callers will not mind waiting.
  • If a caller is selling goods, ask to see their Pedlar’s Certificate. This will have been issued by police and signed by an officer.
  • Never invite a stranger into your home; if they ask to use the toilet, for a drink or to make a call then direct them to the nearest public facilities.
  • Keep an eye out for your neighbours and report any suspicious activity to police straight away.

To find out more about crime prevention advice or to report a suspicious incident, call your local Safer Neighbourhood team on 101.

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