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This Safer Neighbourhood area covers Mackworth / Morley Estate. It belongs to the Derby North policing section. Mackworth estate is a residential area located within the Mackworth Ward of the Derby North policing area. Mackworth housing estate was built around 1950 as social housing by the City Council of the day.

Team Members

Kris Sekhar

PC 2379 Kris Sekhar

Harriet Hitchon

PC 14325 Harriet Hitchon

Jennifer Sadler

PCSO 4589 Jennifer Sadler

Adrian Harper

PCSO 3850 Adrian Harper

Betsy Mitchell

PCSO 12796 Betsy Mitchell

These priorities were set by your team following community feedback. Contact your team in person, by phone or online to let them know your priorities.

Your current priorities for this neighbourhood


Anti-social behaviour

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 12/12/2017
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • We work with partner agencies to tackle individuals and households who contribute to anti-social behaviour.
  • Working with Derby City Councils to issue Anti Social Behaviour Contracts to suitable individuals.
  • High visibility and pro-active patrols in areas effected, to tackle ASB and substance misuse.
  • Community encouraged to continue reporting suspicious behaviour or individuals

Theft from Motor Vehicles

Issue Date:
Issue was set on 12/12/2017
Actions to be taken are as follows:
  • Raise awareness with residents about security measures they could take to prevent theft from motor vehicles
  • Crime prevention events to highlight the issues of leaving vehicles insecure.
  • Conduct high visibility and plain clothes patrols.
  • We have arrested and convicted a number of offenders.
  • We have held a number of crime prevention events.

Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeants

Photo: Sergeant 2181 MarkPreston
  • Sergeant 2181 MarkPreston

I have served as a police officer since 1995 and have worked in many different roles.  I was promoted to Sergeant in 2004 where I worked at Derby North.  Since then I have worked in the Intelligence Unit and frontline at Derby West.   

I  have gained a vast amount of experience over the years and built strong links with partners and agencies in order to tackle crime and disorder.  I look forward to utilising my experience to ensure the community is safe and reassured.  

My aims and priorities are to positively tackle crime and anti-social behaviour along with ensuring the neighbourhood team provides a reassuring visible police presence to the community.  We aim to maintain and develop our links with the community and partners to tackle these issues and where possible, seek long term solutions. 

It is important for us to know about local issues and problems so I would like to encourage the community to speak to us and then work with us to resolve the issues.

Safer Neighbourhood Events

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Crime Information


Crime mapping allows us to show you where crime is happening at a local level, so we can better engage with our communities and help them determine how best to police the area they live in.