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Mackworth cops team up with petrol stations to fight motorbike theft.

Posted on 3rd July 2018
Op Scarletti

Our officers from the Mackworth Safer Neighbourhood Team have teamed up with local petrol stations in a bid to reduce the theft of motorbikes in the area. 

The move comes after nearly 50 motorbikes were stolen during the summer months last year in an and around Mackworth. 

Petrol stations are displaying signs showing that they will refuse to sell petrol to those wearing crash helmets and face coverings and in situations that the staff are suspicious of. 

PCSO Betsy Mitchell explained: “Last year we had a large number of motorbikes that were stolen and then used in an anti-social manner around the area. 

“The stolen bikes have been used on footpaths around the footpaths between Mickleover and Mackworth, causing a noise nuisance and danger to those using the footpaths. 

Christine Cruickshank (39) is a Mackworth resident who became victim of a motorbike theft last year. She said: “Anything that deters this type of crime is a good idea. 

“When I had my bike stolen last year it didn't just affect me being able to get to work, it affected me looking after my dad who was extremely poorly at the time. 

“I have lived in this community for a long time so didn't expect this to happen.” 

PCSO Mitchell continued: “We know that those taking the bikes are visiting local petrol stations to buy small quantities of petrol to fuel the bikes and we are really pleased that they are happy to help us by preventing some of these sales or at least ensuring that images are captured on CCTV. 

“We will also be increasing our patrols in the areas we know that these stolen bikes are being used.” 

If you have any information about such thefts, please get in touch with the team using one of the following non-emergency contact methods. 

Please quote PCSO Mitchell in any correspondence. 

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. 

Please note in the event of an emergency you should always call 999.

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