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Officers target insecure homes and vehicles in the city

Posted on 28th November 2011

The police are bidding to beat burglars who target insecure properties across parts of the city.

Last week saw a team of officers, police community support officers, specials and police cadets pass vital information to members of the public which told them how to keep their homes and vehicles safe.

PC Damien Shannon with officers from Darley, Mackworth, Morley and Allestree Safer Neighbourhood Policing Teams were joined by 14 cadets to assist in the safety initiative.  

The officers covered three separate neighbourhoods following a spate of burglaries on insecure homes to advise local residents on how to make their home more secure against opportunist thieves.

On each occasion where insecurities were found, the residents were spoken to and advised.

Over a one hour period the results are as follows, in Morley Estate, 39 homes were found insecure and 45 leaflets were distributed. In Darley 20 homes were found insecure and and in Allestree one home was found insecure and 45 leaflets were distributed.

PCSO Matt Clarke from the Allestree team said: “The problem in Allestree is not bad at the moment but we want to keep it that way - one burglary is still one too many.”

PC Damien Shannon said: “The people committing these crimes are looking for an easy opportunity to take things they can sell on quickly.

“By performing home security checks and leaflet drops we are making people aware of the situation and can offer them advice."

Local residents were grateful that the team had taken the time to carry out this initiative.

Several residents from Morley expressed their thanks and said: “There are a lot of elderly people round here and its good for them to see lots of officers out and about.”

Another resident added, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it’s nice to know our local officers care about home security.”

Across town officers were also carrying out similar checks in Spondon.

PC Vicki Marriott along with two police community support officers and four officer's from the Special Constabulary said: “We posted safety awareness packages through approximately 300 doors and checked all of the cars on the streets we patrolled.

"Approximately 40 vehicles were insecure or had something on view, we then spoke to the owners of the vehicles to offer appropriate advice.

“We are hoping to continue this activity in the future in other areas of the neighbourhood."

Local officers are strongly urging locals to keep their homes secure and contact their local team if they need any advice in doing so and to report anything which may be suspicious. In an emergency always call: 999 but in a non-emergency please use: 101 alternatively visit our website for more information:

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