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Special Constabulary officers help to keep city centre streets safe

Posted on 2nd July 2014

A project led by the City Centre Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team sees Special Constabulary officers support regular officers and PCSOs during key times of duty in Derby.

The volunteer officers play a significant role as part of the Early Intervention Team (EIT) project, joining the regular constables and police community support officers who carry out high visibility patrols on the streets around the city centre.




Sergeant Brian Clifton who assists with the Police Service Volunteer Project said: “Part of the strategy is for the officers to meet and greet members of the public on weekends or bank holidays when it can get really busy.

“Our Special Constabulary Officers patrol from around 7.00pm through to the early hours and provide a sense of reassurance for people in the city.

“They also get involved in a raft of issues that range from seizing alcohol and drugs to making arrests.

“Anyone found already drunk at an early stage of the evening is usually dealt with by way of a Section 27 order to leave the city boundary and not return within 24 hrs.

“The Specials who are attached to our City Centre Safer Neighbourhood team volunteer their time for this work and provide great support to our regular officers and PCSOs.”

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