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Crime prevention events at Derby University helps students stay safe

Posted on 2nd February 2015

Officers in Derby have been working with Derby University carrying out various crime prevention campaigns to help keep students safe and secure.University-Jan-28

Over the last fortnight officers from the Allestree Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team have attended the University on several occasions with the support of Community Safety Officer Amy Grainger-Matthews from Derby City Council.

On Tuesday, January 20 the team joined Fresher’s Week and concentrated mainly on how students can keep themselves and their property safe.  A variety of leaflets, personal safety items and advice was offered to students passing through on the day.

Around 40 students were signed up to Immobilise which helps police identify the owners of recovered property should it be stolen or lost.

On Tuesday, January 27 the team along with Amy Grainger-Matthews held a crime prevention day which was aimed at both the staff and students, this also included a free bike marking service.20-Jan-2015-signing-student-up-to-Immobilise

PC Janagal from the team said: “We issued leaflets and information on all aspects of personal security and safety, reminded students to be considerate when parking around the University and gave advice on issues that the students themselves raised.

“Both PC Kris Sekhar and Amy carried out bike security marking and marked 23 bikes whilst I and PCSO Rafique signed up 34 students and staff to Immobilise.

“A large number of purse bells and personal attack alarms were issued along with UV marker pens and literature.

The university security staff also supported us with this event and they promoted issues surrounding parking around Derby University and access only signs.Junior-Lawyers-Week-studentsJunior-Lawyers-Week-discussion-with-students

During the day, PC Janagal and PCSO Rafique were approached by Barrister Jo Drummondchild from the Law School and asked if they would be able to speak to a class of 10 students visiting from Landau Forte College.

The youngsters, aged 14 were at the University as part of Junior Lawyers Week and Jo asked if the officers could talk about policing. This was then followed by a question and answer session with the teenagers.

PC Janagal continued:” The time we spend at the University is invaluable, not only are we trying to help young people stay safe, it also breaks down any barriers. 

“We become more approachable in their eyes and if they have any issues or concerns in relation to local policing or personal safety they feel more comfortable in coming to speak to us.

“The event was a great success and we are very happy to be working so closely with the University, as a follow on we will now be conducting monthly surgeries at the University so please look out for us.”

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