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Newly formed Speedwatch hits the streets of Littleover

Posted on 22nd May 2017
Littleover Speedwatch Speedwatch member, Ken Lewis and PCSO Reid talking to a local radio station at one of their positions on Pastures Hill, Littleover

Our officers from the Littleover Safer Neighbourhood Team have been supporting residents of the village in a newly formed speedwatch. 

The team and volunteers have responded to complaints by setting up the community scheme to monitor the speed of motorists driving through the suburb of Derby. 

PCSO Rachel Reid, from the Safer Neighbourhood team, said: “Complaints about speeding is a constant theme when attending local meetings, so earlier this year a small group of volunteers agreed to be trained to use speed recording equipment. 

“The scheme works by the members positioning themselves on a road where we have had complaints and recording the speed of anyone apparently breaking the limit for that road. They then pass me the details and I then write to the registered keeper of the vehicle with some advisory information about the dangers of speeding. 

“This information is also used to help inform us of the most appropriate locations for any future enforcement action. It is great way for residents to help us police issues that they are concerned about in their community.” 

Ken Lewis, a local Littleover resident said: “I strongly believe that the community should get involved in trying to solve local problems. 

“As part of the local neighbourhood forum I have heard lots of complaints from residents about speeding motorists and this scheme allows us to help the police try and solve the problem.” 

The group is keen for more Littleover residents to volunteer so they can visit more roads in the village. If you are interested in helping please contact PCSO Rachel Reid on 101. Alternatively send her a message online by visiting the Contact Us section of our website here.

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