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Risley Speedwatch Meeting

Harrisons cottage( behind the Church) Derby Rd, Risley.
Wednesday 9th November (18:30-19:15)

For more information call PCSO Karen Pykett on 101, alternatively, send her a message online by visiting the Contact Us section of our website here.


Officers from Long Eaton Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team are asking for volunteers from the village of Risley to come forward to help set up a community speed watch. 

PCSO Karen Pykett from the team explains: “When talking to people in the village and various community groups It is clear that speeding motorists are something that worries people in the village. 

“When priorities allow we do complete speed check enforcement at locations in the village, however we thought it would also be useful to see if there was interest in the village in setting up a small team of villagers who would be happy to volunteer to be part of a community speed watch. 

“The scheme is designed to educate speeding motorists in order to try and influence their driving behaviour. It will work by me and a small team of volunteers, that I will train, completing speed checks on roads in the village. If we do record any motorists exceeding the limit we do not stop the vehicle, however, I write to the registered keeper to let them know the speed they were recorded at and re-enforce the dangers of driving with excess speed. 

“If we pick up on any trend at particular locations or time of day, the information can also be used to pass on to officers in the team who can then complete enforcement. 

“The scheme has been very successful in other  areas such as Draycott and Breaston, the villagers enjoy taking the responsibility to help with a problem that they see in the area that they live.”

Councillor Mrs Pat Ancliff, Chairman of Risley with Hopwell Parish Council, said:  "The Parish Council and residents have for a long time been very concerned with speeding traffic along Derby Road, in particular near to the School and are very keen to work with  Derbyshire police in arranging a speed watch scheme for the village.

“We would like to encourage motorists to drive with care and keep to the speed limit in order to keep everyone safe and would ask those residents interested in being involved in such a scheme to come along to the meeting.”



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