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Police ask vehicle owners to be vigilant on match days

Posted on 14th May 2014

Police are asking football fans to be vigilant in connection with vehicle security on match days.

The appeal comes after the most recent game at Pride Park on Sunday, May 11 when 30 vehicles were found to have left valuables on display.

Officers conducted patrols around the ground whilst people were arriving and during the game, they also handed out leaflets to supporters advising them about keeping valuables out of sight.  

Within the 30 vehicles, items found clearly on display ranged from Sat Navs left in the car windows, valuable sunglasses left on the dashboard, various bags and loose change.

Two vehicles were found to be insecure and displayed Sat Nav’s, Ipads and a laptop.  Officers removed these items and took them to the police station for safe keeping, leaving a note for the owners to contact them.

The owners came to collect their property and were extremely grateful that it was in safekeeping as opposed to it falling into the wrong hands.

Inspector Andrea Parkin who manages the Derby East policing section said: “We reported some weeks ago around the auto crime experienced across this policing section on the Derby match days in particular car users leaving valuable items on display in their cars whilst attending the match.

“We carried out specific patrols at the game on Sunday but clearly we still have more to do to get the message home.  The evidence is clear that vehicle owners are still giving many opportunities for thieves to operate.

“I really want to impress upon people that once their property is gone it may well be gone forever along with their memories, leaving only inconvenience, distress and expense.

“The owners whom we reunited with their property are lucky it came into the hands of my officers and not criminal hands but we cannot take everyone’s property into safekeeping, the responsibility lies with the individual.

“Please be responsible and make sure you lock all windows and doors when leaving your vehicle unattended and remove valuable items.”

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