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Officers,staff and members of the public awarded by Derby's top cop.

Posted on 6th September 2018

The Divisional Commander of our South Division has this week been awarding officers, staff and members of the public for outstanding acts. 

Chief Superintendent Jim Allen is in charge of policing for Derby, Erewash and South Derbyshire and on Tuesday, September 4 hosted an awards ceremony at Morley Hayes. 

Mr Allen, said: “The work carried out by members of the organisation to keep people safe on a day-today basis is outstanding and so it is always great to recognise some of these people. 

“However, we understand that this is part of our job, and so it is always particularly incredible to see members of the public taking a step forward to get involved in a situation where it may have been easier to take a step back. I was therefore particularly pleased to show our appreciation to them.” 

Excellent partnership working 

Scott Cartledge works for Erewash Borough Council and has consistently provided an excellent service to the community by working in partnership with the police. 

He has taken a pro-active role in solving multiple cases of thefts on local car-parks, working tirelessly on a case of a vulnerable female who was being harassed at a local cemetery and has worked closely with us to ensure that illegal encampments in the borough are moved on as quickly as legally possible. 

Arresting a motorcycle thief 

PCSOs James Sadler and Jenny Holt (who was not able to attend the ceremony) were awarded for their tenacity and bravery in detaining a motorbike thief in Chellaston.

The suspect resisted detention and tried to run off, however the pair were able to detain him before officers arrived and detained the man.

Their actions were particular brave as PCSOs do not have the same level of protective equipment as a police officer however their actions led to the offender being brought to justice. 


Complex investigation into the importation of drugs and crypto currency 

PC Chris Barker was commended for his skills and high level of personal commitment he gave to an investigation that led to the disruption and dismantling of an organised network of Derby criminals who were involved in the supply of both class A and B drugs. 

The investigation involved the seizure of £13,000 worth of crypto currency, the first of its kind in Derbyshire.


Members of the public in Sandiacre helping to calm a victim of a violent incident. 

A husband and wife from Sandiacre, were presented with an award by Colonel Jon Wilson, Vice-Lord Lieutenant for Derbyshire. They were returning home from a night out when they came to the assistance of a man who had been injured in a violent assistance.

Not only they did they stop with him until police and ambulance staff arrived, but they continued to support the man, attending hospital and enabling us to gain the trust and confidence of the victim.

Their selfless actions assisted the victim and the emergency services in a potentially violent situation.


Arsonist brought to justice by dedicated detective work.

A Derby detective was awarded for his investigation that led to an arsonist being brought to justice. 

The fire, started in a taxi firm on Curzon Street, Derby, caused serious damage and had the potential to put lives at risk.

Ady’s open-minded and tenacious attitude to the complex and serious investigation led to the offender being imprisoned for three years and nine months.


Officers showing care, and compassion for the family of a man they tried to save. 

PCs Pete Herrett and his colleague were commended for their actions after attending a report of concern for an elderly man. 

The man had collapsed at his address and the officers performed CPR on him for some time before the ambulance arrived. Unfortunately their efforts were in vain and the man was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. 

The family took the time after the incident to call in and personally thank the officers, not only for their efforts but also the after care and support they provided the family in helping them with procedures and to come to terms with their sad loss.


Member of the public who came to the aid of a suicidal man. 

Member of the public, Julie Leverington, was presented an award by the High Sheriff of Derbyshire for her actions on a cold, dark and wet night in March earlier this year.

Julie was driving to work when she saw a man climb over the barrier of the bridge crossing the A50 near to Toyota. She stopped, talked to the man and eventually persuaded him to climb back over and sit back in his car whilst the emergency services arrived. 

She was commended for her brave and selfless actions that resulted in the man receiving the care he needed.


Community work and intelligence gathering to address ‘county lines’ drug dealing in South Derbyshire. 

PC Kev Cassidy and James Palmer (Both not present at the ceremony) and PCSO Amanda Beer were commended for their work in dealing with the complex issue of ‘county lines’ drug use and dealing in South Derbyshire.

This issue sees suspects travel to the area from other parts of the country in order to set up a network of drug dealing. They often prey on vulnerable members of society.

The team of officers have worked in the community they police to gain trust and intelligence, that has led to the safeguarding of vulnerable members of the community and is helping to bring to justice those responsible.


PCSOs taking decisive action to save a woman’s life. 

PCSOs Matt Boyer and Joseph Constantine were commended for their actions at an incident of an unusual suicide attempt. 

They volunteered to attend as they were the closest unit and were faced with an unconscious woman locked in her car with two buckets of charcoal giving off toxic fumes. 

They forced entry to the car, gave the woman first aid and kept her warm and settled whilst awaiting the attendance of the ambulance. 

Their actions ensured that the woman made a full recovery and is now receiving the appropriate mental health treatment.


Arrest of a violent domestic abuse suspect. 

An hour before the end of their busy night shift PCs Mark Karim and Sarah Browne (not at the ceremony) were called to a hotel in Risley to reports of a violent man who it was suspected to have been involved in domestic abuse. 

On their arrival the man was in the foyer and immediately starting lashing out at the officers resisting all efforts  to restrain him. Despite the officers being hit and kicked they were eventually able to bring him under control until further officers could attend. 

They were commended by Mr Allen for their brave and determined actions that protected the victim and hotel staff from harm.


A robbery investigation that led to the offender being imprisoned for 11 years. 

Detective Constable Stephanie Ross received her award for her diligent investigation and enquiries that led to the conviction of a man that forcibly entered a 81-year-old woman’s house, threatened to beat her and stole cash and property. 

The work Stephanie completed with local, regional forces and crime scene investigators led to the offender pleading guilty thus avoiding the elderly victim reliving the trauma in court. The hard work brought justice to the victim and the prison sentence ensured the safety of the community from this dangerous individual. 


Saving a man from an icy river. 

PCs Kuldip Ghattaora, Thomas Ellks and Andrew Hardy received their awards for their brave actions in a difficult and challenging situation. 

The three officers worked together to save a man who had jumped from St Mary’s Bridge in Derby in to the river below. 

They acted in a dangerous situation to pull the man out from the middle of the river to get him to safety and then taken to hospital for treatment.


Supporting colleagues to return to work. 

Inspector Becky Webster was awarded her commendation for a role she has taken in addition to her normal role leading response officers across the division. 

She has been providing significant support for colleagues returning to work after maternity and paternity leave. 

This can be a particularly stressful and worrying time and Becky has provided her time and care to members of staff ensuring they receive the appropriate support and advice to ensure their development and welfare.


Divisional Commander’s Cup. 

An annual award that is presented to an officer or member of staff who has constantly performed to a high level demonstrating a commitment to our force values. 

This year’s very much deserved winner, is described as an ‘unsung hero’ . 

He is one of our intelligence officers, Jon, who has a particular responsibility for financial and firearms investigations. 

In his nomination his supervisor described him as being the officer that comes in day in day out, loves and takes pride in his job and wants to make a difference. 

He regularly comes back in to work out-of-hours to develop intelligence and then obtain search warrants on the most serious of matters when firearms are believed to be involved. 

In summing up his award of the trophy Mr Allen explained: “The fact that Derby has relatively few firearm incidents but has a high level of seizures is down to the dedicated work Jon carries out and is ensuring that the communities of Derby, Erewash and South Derbyshire are being kept safe from this type of crime.”


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