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South Derbyshire clampdown on drivers using mobile phones to continue

Posted on 3rd November 2016

A recent clampdown on drivers using their mobile phones in South Derbyshire will continue. 

Sergeant Graham Summers, who is in charge of Safer Neighbourhood policing in South Derbyshire, said: “My teams have a range of responsibilities and concerns to deal with across South Derbyshire. Road Safety is one of these, using a mobile phone whilst you are driving can prove to be fatal and so it is only right that we spend some of our time dealing with this issue.” 

During October officers in South Derbyshire were out in unmarked police cars to spot drivers using their mobile phones whilst driving. The drivers were then stopped by uniformed officers and dealt with for the relevant offences. 

During the month 55 vehicles were stopped, of those, 34 of the drivers were using their mobile phones and 21 were committing other offences ranging from driving without a licence to failing to wear a seat belt. 

Sergeant Summers added: “It amazes me that many drivers felt that they weren’t committing the offence as they were not using their phone as a phone. Some were texting, scrolling through music and typing in a destination on the Satnav app. 

“The offence is 'Use a handheld mobile phone or device while driving a motor vehicle on a road' which covers all of the above usage of a modern mobile phone and it's time people understand that. 

“We will continue targeting drivers using their phones across South Derbyshire.” 

Those drivers caught using their phones are given the option of paying a fine of £100 and having three points on their licence or completing a ‘What’s Driving Us’ educational course, assuming they are eligible. 

Either of these options must be taken up within 28 days otherwise court proceedings will be instigated.  

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