In an emergency always call 999

Animals in the Road

Dead animals

Wild animals

Wild animals that are found dead at the side of the road, such as foxes and badgers, have usually been the casualty of a road traffic accident. The local authority may be able to assist with removal of the carcass. However, if you have a reason to suspect that the animal may have been deliberately killed then you should report this to your local police.

Domestic animals

The Road Traffic Act 1988 defines an animal as a dog, goat, horse, sheep, pig or cattle. The act means that by law you are required to report any accidents involving these animals to the police. 

Live animals

If you find a loose animal on the roads of Derbyshire and you cannot identify the owner but you consider the animal/s an immediate danger to other road users, please call 999. However, if this doesn’t require an immediate response please consider your local council or highways agency or see our guidance on Abandoned Animals.

If the above does not resolve the issue, you can call our non-emergency line 101.

Animals In The RoadPicture credit: NPAS Ripley

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