Police investigation after dead buzzard found in Derbyshire

Posted on 30th April 2013

Police in Derbyshire are investigating after a dead buzzard was found on land near Turnditch with its beak apparently bound.


Wildlife crime officers are working with the RSPB to investigate the circumstances surrounding the bird’s death.

It was found by a member of the public on Thursday, April 11 and appeared to have had a hole forced through its beak which had then been bound closed with twine.  

Wildlife Crime Officer PC Emerson Buckingham said: “This bird was most probably alive when it was attacked and may have starved to death as it would have been unable to drink or eat with its beak bound.

“We continue to work with the RSPB to investigate the cause of the buzzard’s death.

“Any member of the public who finds dead birds of prey should contact police and are advised not to touch them.” 

A number of poisoned buzzards were found nearby in Kirk Ireton in 2010.

Buzzards are a protected species and anyone caught harming or killing them could face a £5,000 fine or up to six months in prison.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call PC Buckingham on 101 or the RSPB on 0845 466 3636.

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