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Police reminder to check for ID following suspicious caller in Ilkeston

Posted on 12th February 2013

Police in Ilkeston are reminding residents to check the identity of doorstep callers following a suspicious incident.

A 73 year old woman on Nuthall Circle received a phone call last week from someone claiming to be from ‘social services occupational therapy’, who advised that someone would call at the address on Friday, February 8.

At around 3pm on Friday, February 8 a man visited the home but was not able to show any identification when asked.

PC Andy MacAlister has been making enquiries into the incident. He said: “Checks have been carried out with the relevant agencies who have confirmed that they did not visit the woman or had been in contact with her

“We would advise people to always ask for identification from doorstep callers, even if you think you have a prior appointment. If you have any doubts, don’t open the door but make the necessary checks with the organisation they are from using a number from the phone book or a letter or bill.”

PC MacAlister added: “You could also ask a relative or trusted friend or neighbour to call around during an appointment for added peace of mind and do not hesitate to contact police if you have any suspicions or concerns.”

To report suspicious activity or report a crime call Derbyshire police on 101, the non emergency number, except in an emergency when the number is always 999.

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