Police forces tackle foreign national criminals on our roads

Posted on 4th April 2014

Eight people have been arrested and 14 cars have been seized as part of a week-long operation targeting foreign national offenders using Derbyshire roads to commit crime.

The action was part of Operation Trivium II, a national campaign led by the Association of Chief Police Officers, designed to tackle foreign national offenders who utilise the road infrastructure.

Police forces across the UK took part as well as other organisations including the National Crime Agency (NCA), the UK Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC), the Home Office Immigration, the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) and Her Majesty’s Revenue Customs (HMRC).

Officers from Romania, Lithuania and Poland also took part in the campaign which ran throughout the week commencing Monday, March 24.

In Derbyshire, 109 vehicles were stopped, 14 vehicles were seized and eight people were arrested for immigration offences. Of those arrested six were found to be in the UK illegally.

Inspector Benny Goodman, from Derbyshire Constabulary’s Roads Policing Unit, said: “The overwhelming majority of people who come to live in Derbyshire are honest, law abiding individuals, but there will always be a minority who are intent on a life of crime or who have come to escape a criminal past.

“We want Derbyshire to be a safe place for everyone who lives here, and that includes the increasing number of foreign nationals who choose to call it home. We can only improve trust and confidence by treating everyone equally.”

Nationally, 2689 vehicles were stopped, 367 vehicles were seized, 197 people were arrested and 1624 enforcement activities were recorded overall.

The first Operation Trivium was carried out in July 2013 and due to the success of the operation a second week of action was planned.

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