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Force takes to Instagram to offer snapshot of softer side of policing

Posted on 3rd April 2017

Today, we’re launching our own Derbyshire Constabulary Instagram account, focusing on the softer side of what we do as a police force.

We want to give people a peek behind the scenes of policing in Derbyshire and, to do that, we’ll be calling on the photographic skills of both police officers and staff.

Whether it’s a snap of our new police dogs in training, a selfie of a PCSO at a community event or a stunning vista of our county from one of our roads policing patrols – there’ll be something for everyone.

On Instagram, our plan is to give the public a glimpse into the lighter side of policing with a colourful account that features a more jovial aspect of our police force. It’s a side of the force which often goes unnoticed, and we’re eager to promote the fact that officers are friendly, happy, approachable and – most of all – human.

While we will still publish major appeals and campaigns to this new channel, our main objective is to create a lively, entertaining platform to showcase the people behind the badge.

So if you’re an Instagram fan, and want to see our officers and staff in a different way, head to Instagram and follow us via @derbyshireconstabulary.

You can also follow the constabulary on the popular image-sharing social media site by heading to

Instagram functions via the use of user-generated imagery or video footage, often with the account-holder augmenting those visuals by using in-built filters and other enhancing techniques to bring their photo to life, while the use of hashtags are abundant to tie in with popular themes and emojis are posted to illustrate moods.

The force already has a strong presence on two key social media channels, with our Facebook account having more than 58,000 page likes and our Twitter account having almost 73,000 followers.

Both of these channels are used to promote our press releases including appeals, safety advice, crime prevention measures and wanted and missing persons, whilst we also post about campaigns, events and recruitment drives.

We also have more than 100 other local and specialist Twitter accounts covering most of Derbyshire and the forces key units, such as roads policing.

To follow us on Twitter, search @derbyspolice, and to join the conversation on Facebook, give ‘Derbyshire Constabulary’ a like.

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