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Elderly residents targeted by distraction burglars in Ripley and Ilkeston

Posted on 31st January 2017

We are urging people to be vigilant after distraction burglars stole cash from elderly residents in Ripley and Ilkeston.

At around 1.30pm yesterday (Monday, January 30), a man visited the home of a couple in their 90s on Briars Way, Ripley, purporting to be from a water company.

He told the victim that he needed to check their water after a pipe burst on a nearby road and that the property’s water supply may be contaminated. As the man stayed with the homeowner to check the supply, a second man entered the house.

A large amount of cash was later discovered to have gone missing.

One of the men was described as white, 6ft tall, of medium build, and aged in his 20s.

The second man was described as being around 5ft 9ins tall and also of medium build, aged in his 20s, with winter clothing on. (17000042621)

Sometime between 3.15pm and 3.30pm on the same day, a large amount of cash and bank books were stolen from a property on Stapleton Road in Ilkeston.

This comes after three men entered the home of an elderly couple, also in their 90s, to inform them that there was a problem with their water supply.

Whilst one of the men distracted the victim, the others are believed to have searched the home and stole the cash.

Two of the men were described as white, 6ft tall, and aged in their mid-20s. One of the men wore a black hat and spoke with a possible Northern accent, whilst the second one was described as being of stocky build and wore dark clothing.

The third man was of slim build, around 5ft 10ins tall, and aged around 18-years-old. He was described as having a ‘baby face’. (17000042666)

We are now appealing for information from residents who may have seen men acting suspiciously in the areas of Briars Way in Ripley and Stapleton Road in Ilkeston.

We are also warning members of the public to be aware of the dangers of distraction burglary and to help share the message with elderly family members, neighbours and friends.

Crime prevention tips include:

  • Consider installing a door chain and make sure you keep your home secure.
  • Do not open your door to anyone who calls without warning, no matter what excuses they give. Genuine callers will not call unannounced – they will arrange an appointment or give written notice about work taking place.
  • Check the identification of any callers and, if they claim to represent a company or utility, call that company and check if they have cold callers in the area.
  • Do not be tempted to leave your house with a caller, even if it is just for a minute and into your garden.
  • If a cold caller is persistent or makes you feel concerned or uncomfortable, call police immediately.

Anyone with information about the distraction burglaries above is asked to call us on 101 quoting the occurrence number mentioned above.

You can also call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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