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Mobile technology helping keep officers on the beat

Posted on 10th August 2017

With devices having been distributed to all police officers, mobile technology is now fully ingrained across Derbyshire Constabulary.

Gone are the familiar pocket notebooks and paper forms.

The new devices allow our officers to take statements and upload them from anywhere in the county, without returning to a station.

More than 1,600 devices have now been circulated to police officers, detectives and PCSOs in public-facing roles across the force.

By investing in the technology, we’re already saving a huge amount of time and by making officers more mobile, they’re able to quickly get back out on the streets to engage with and protect our communities.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Haward said: “The new mobile devices are now an integral part of policing in Derbyshire and people are getting used to seeing officers with them.

“They are saving a considerable amount of time and making their jobs easier, which in turn is improving the service we offer to the communities we serve.

“Officers who work out in the community are able to access every system they need while on the beat. It is already allowing them to spend more time on patrol and less time in the station.

“We are also encouraging officers to take their refreshment and meal breaks in the community. They are increasingly completing their paperwork in cafes and other public spaces while remaining accessible to the public.”

Between 11 November 2016 when the roll-out began and 21 March 2017, police took 1,287 witness statements on their new mobile devices, made 437 police officer statements, recorded 208 stop searches, recorded 290 written interviews, and updated 989 incidents via a mobile app.

The devices are managed on a secure, in-house network and can be remotely wiped to erase all police information when a password is entered incorrectly.

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