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Burglar who hid in supermarket roof is jailed after a dropped bottle of urine places him at the crime scene

Posted on 5th June 2017

A burglar who hid in supermarket roofs in order to intercept cash pods has been jailed after a dropped bottle of urine placed him at the scene.

Michael Bryon stole cash from the plastic pods while they were being transferred along tubes from the tills to the office at Sainsbury’s in The Wyvern, on February 25.Michael Bryon

But he dropped a bag which contained cutting tools, receipts and a bottle of his own urine. The bag fell to the shop floor and was discovered by staff, who called police.

The bag contained a parking ticket featuring the registration number of the car he was driving. The car was seen at Little Eaton roundabout the day after the burglary and he was arrested.

DNA from the bottle was analysed and matched Bryon’s.

The 38-year-old, of High Road, Willenhall, was sentenced at Derby Crown Court on June 1 to 56 months in prison for this burglary and an identical crime at Sainsbury’s in Luton on February 10.

He admitted both counts of burglary.

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