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Video mini-series aims to help drivers get Geared Up for road safety campaign

Posted on 1st June 2018

Today, we are launching a new series of videos as part of a county-wide campaign to help keep Derbyshire’s roads safe.

Geared Up – a six-part collection of short videos – pits a professional racing driver against a series of challenges and obstacles designed to test his abilities under different distractions.

Ashbourne-based driver Sam Randon usually climbs behind the wheel of a supercharged Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4 to compete in the GT Cup.

But for this first video, we’ve downgraded him slightly to a standard issue Volkswagen Golf, then asked him to slalom between cones while avoiding stacks of cardboard boxes – all laid out on a closed test drive circuit, for maximum safety.

After that, we challenged Sam to complete the same task but wearing beer goggles, designed to skew his vision and simulate the effects of being drunk.

The idea is to show that even a professional racing driver’s ability behind the wheel is hugely hampered when intoxicated – and it’s timed to coincide with the start of our summer drink- and drug-driving crackdown.

Later in the Geared Up series, we’ll show how other distractions – such as texting, making a phone call and even searching through your glove box for a CD – can quickly make your driving dangerous and potentially lead to a serious, even fatal collision.

Sergeant Steve Hughes, from our roads policing unit, said: “Every year, we try and find a new way of sharing the ‘don’t drink and drive’ message and this summer we’ve turned to Sam to help us do it.

“Our hope is that by showing how even a very skilled driver such as Sam can be affected, the warning will get through to other drivers that it is a serious issue.

“Drinking or taking drugs before you get behind the wheel is, quite simply, dicing with death or serious injury, and sadly we see the real consequences all year round.

“No one can know how their body will react and how their awareness and ability to process information will be affected.

“Even one drink can massively affect you, and when you factor in elements such as other road users and layouts, it can quickly become very dangerous.

“Our message is simple – if you are going out this summer and you plan on driving home, don’t even have one drink. And never take drugs.”

Geared Up has been produced by our media team and was filmed recently at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, in Leicestershire.

It takes the form of six short episodes, each about five minutes in length, which will be released on our social media platforms and website over the next week.

Once the series has aired, it will be showcased to a wide variety of physical audiences, such as school pupils and students who may be planning on taking their driving tests soon.

It’s all part of our efforts to keep roads across Derbyshire, and the people who use them, safe.

You can view the series by liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter at @derbyspolice.

We’ll also be posting some behind the scenes images and videos on our Instagram profile, and each episode will be uploaded to our YouTube channel too. You can find both of those by searching for Derbyshire Constabulary.

You can also read about Sam’s experiences in helping us with this road safety campaign by visiting his site,, or following him on Twitter at @SamRandonRacing.

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