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You can get all of the latest news and appeals from Derbyshire Constabulary via Twitter.

Derbyshire Constabulary publishes all of its news releases, job vacancies and appeals through Twitter, plus it also features additional exclusive updates to its Twitter followers highlighting events taking place throughout the force.

Visit Derbyshire Constabulary's Twitter feed at

Additional Accounts

In addition to our main force account, our 'Twitter Family' has expanded greatly covering a wide range of specialisms within the force.

DCC Peter Goodman

Deputy Chief Constable Peter Goodman has responsibility for Professional Standards, Human Resources, Legal and Corporate Services.

His account is:

ACC Chris Haward

Assistant Chief Constable ACC Chris Haward joined us from Leicestershire Police where he was a Chief Superintendent. ACC Haward is responsible for the Operational Support team - which includes Roads Policing, Task Force and the Armed Response Unit - as well as Criminal Justice, Contact Management, the Special Constabulary and volunteers. By default, as a Twitter user during his time with Leicestershire Police, he became our highest ranking officer to use Twitter when he joined us in April 2016.

His account is:

Chief Superintendent Sunita Gamblin

C. Supt Gamblin was the first of our senior officers to have their own Twitter account. Her role as Chief Superintendent means that no two days are the same for Sunita, whether it be high-level witness appeals, investigative work, commanding high-profile football matches, offering safety advice and fraud tips or hosting and attending meetings that help sculpt the way Corporate Services - the department which she is head of - operates.

C.Supt Gamblin is always keen to Tweet or re-Tweet about the good work of our constabulary and partners and promote initiatives. With all that covered, her account makes for an interesting read.

Her account is:

Safer Neighbourhood Teams on Twitter

You can follow a number of our Safer Neighbourhood officers on their Twitter accounts.

Officers keep local residents informed of their whereabouts, update the community with news, provide safety advice and preventative measures, promote police surgeries and events, re-Tweet any useful information from relevant and local sources and generally use the medium of Twitter to engage with the public they serve.

Football Policing Units on Twitter

You can keep up with the latest news from the football policing units (FPUs) that cover Derby County, Chesterfield and Alfreton Town.

These units update Twitter with information about traffic information, ticket details and other news that is designed to help both away and home fans.

Find out more about these FPU accounts.

Roads Policing Unit on Twitter

Derbyshire Constabulary's Roads Policing Unit have taken to Twitter. Their account is run by officers who share initiatives, safety advice, road closure information, guidance and also take some very good photographs which show the 'hands on' side of policing. Their account is:

Dog Section on Twitter

The Dog section Twitter account is one of our most popular accounts. The owners of the account regularly post pictures of the dogs in action, training, resting, playing or just looking cute.

Their Tweets also highlight just how vital the dogs - and their handlers - are to the force, and give a real insight into how we deploy them. Their account is:

Uniform Task Force

Our Task Force, like our Roads Policing Unit and Dog Section, deals with the nitty gritty aspect of policing and works closely with those sections as well as CID. Consisting of 1 inspector, 3 sergeants and 18 constables, they Tweet about the jobs they've been deployed to, whether that be a warrant which requires a 'door smash' to a search for a missing person, their Twitter account is rich and varied.

Their account is: 

Armed Response Unit

Our Armed Response Unit provides firearms cover for the county, but whilst their role is to attend very serious incidents relating to weapons, they perform many other functions across the county. Find out more about their role at:

Special Constabulary on Twitter

The Specials account was set up to highlight exactly what a Special Constable does. Specials are volunteers. Most have full or part-time jobs outside of the force but enjoy the fact they're helping the community by offering a minimum of four hours per week in the police force.

They have the same powers as regular officers, but many people don't know what their job entails. Their Twitter account offers some perspective. Their account is:


The Cadets are the cops of the future. Many will gain valuable knowledge of policing from a very young age and take this into their career, whether as a police officer or whatever profession they choose.

Their Twitter account paints a vivid picture of the tasks they do and the hard work they put into being a Cadet for the constabulary.

Their account is:

Police Support Volunteers (PSVs)

Our volunteers cover a wide range of jobs from washing cars to monitoring CCTV to assisting Safer Neighbourhood Teams with such tasks as crime prevention iniatitives. Take a look at their account. It may surprise you just exactly what they do.

Their account is:

Wildlife Crime Officers on Twitter

We take wildlife crime very seriously in Derbyshire, therefore a Twitter account has been created to inform its followers of the work the officers do to target this crime, which can include anything from badger baiting to shooting protected birds. Their account is:

Rural Crime Team

Our officers from the Derbyshire Rural Crime Team have taken to Twitter to help protect the rural and farming communities from crime.

The Derbyshire RCU has been set up to tackle rural crime in Derbyshire, particularly across the Derbyshire Dales. Alongside raising awareness of how people in the farming and rural communities can protect themselves from thieves, they will also be investigating offences. The team will be supported by wildlife officers across the force, special constables, and police support volunteers. Their account is:

Digital PCSO

Our Digital PCSO's role is to provide a policing presence in the digital sphere and to offer advice and guidance on a range of cyber security issues, such as staying safe online, online banking cautions, fraudulant activity, updates on the latest scams, emerging trends, threats and the dangers of being online or when using social media sites and much, much more.

The account is:

Derbyshire LGBT

Formerly Derbyshire Friend, this account offers specialist support and acts as an advocacy service for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender community. They also promote events and raise awareness.

Their account is:

Equality Unit

Our Equality Unit account promotes unity across Derbyshire, helping to maintain that individuals or groups of individuals are treated fairly and equally and no less favourably, specific to their needs, including areas of race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and age.

Their account is:

Positive Action

At Derbyshire Constabulary we aim for a representative workforce that reflects the communities we serve. The Positive Action team, led by HR specialist Charlotte Hurst, encourage our diverse communities to become part of our policing family.

Their account is:


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