In an emergency always call 999

Alcohol/Drug Driving


Save a life - report a drink driver

Christmas can be a time of celebration and revelry, but don't let your enjoyment of the festivities cloud your judgement on drinking and driving.

If you're at a Christmas party then leave the car at home, or work, and organise another way of getting home later on. If someone who you know has been drinking offers you a lift home, don't take them up on the offer - it could save your life.

You could also save someone else's life - if you see someone getting behind the wheel after drinking, report them by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Last December, officers administered 656 breath tests and of those,115 people (17.5 per cent) gave a positive test, the driver refused to take the test or the driver failed to provide a sample.

Alcohol and your body

There are many factors involved with how your body deals with alcohol. Also the numerous alcoholic drinks that are now available are of varying strengths making it impossible to say whether you are safe to drive even after one drink. The best advice is to stay clear of alcoholic drinks if you are driving, or organise a different way of getting home such as:

  • Calling one of the many taxi firms in Derbyshire
  • Catching a bus
  • Relying on a designated driver

The morning after

Residual alcohol will still be in your body the morning after you have had a drink, so you could still be over the drink drive limit if you drive. 

Drug driving

The same message applies to drugs, and it's not just illegal drugs we're talking about.

Many medications supplied on prescription or over the counter, warn of drowsiness and tell you not to operate machinery. Machinery obviously includes motor vehicles.

There are five roadside tests officers can perform if they suspect a driver has been taking drugs. People who haven’t taken drugs will find the tests simple to complete but those who struggle will be taken to the police station for further tests.

Even without medication, it is said that a person who is suffering the symptoms of flu will have the reactions and abilities of a driver who is drunk. If you are feeling ill, it has got to be worth paying for a taxi or asking a friend or relative to transport you - to ensure you don't put lives at risk.

If you suspect someone is drink or drug driving call Derbyshire Constabulary on our non-emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

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