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Considerate Parking

Since the Derbyshire Road Policing Unit is concerned with reducing casualties, you may be forgiven for wondering why parking is something we've created a factsheet about. In some respects, parked cars are good for reducing casualties - as an inner city street lined with parked cars makes it difficult to speed.

However, inconsiderate parking can result in oncoming vehicles being forced into each other's path. Parked cars can also hide children who are about to cross the road.

Look out for the zig-zag lines near zebra and pelican crossings. Parking in these areas can mask a pedestrian, even an adult, with potentially tragic consequences.

Think before you overtake a parked vehicle, which may have created a blind spot such as a lorry or an ice cream van. A child may be about to appear from behind it. If it is safe to do so, look at the ground under it, and see if you spot any feet. This may provide you with a few vital seconds of warning.

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