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In an emergency always call 999


There can be few drivers who haven't, at one time or another, felt tired at the wheel. It is a frightening sensation. Fatigued driving has been the subject of much research - and periodically hits the headlines when tragedy ensues.

Those who have studied the way the human body works will tell you that, once you start to 'nod', it will only get worse. The only way to combat this is to stop at the very first safe place and rest. Take a nap. Have a cup of coffee or other caffeinated drink.

Winding the window down, or turning the music up, will have negligible effect.

If you ignore what your body is telling you, there is huge potential for a crash - and it is likely to be a big one because you won't be braking.

Our lifestyles all differ and we can't always predict when and where fatigue will kick-in. There is one occasion where it is most likely to happen and that is when you are jet-lagged. If you fly long-haul for your holiday, you may have to drive home from Heathrow or Gatwick, for example, upon your return. If you're driving back to Derbyshire area, then plan your journey so you have plenty of time to make stops at the various service stations on the M1 to recharge your batteries. Once you're home, avoid the temptation to do any further driving. You will be putting yourself and others in danger.


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