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Excessive and inappropriate speed is a major contributory factor in road collisions and casualties. The impact of speed-related collisions and casualties is huge, not only in the amount of emotional and physical pain caused to those involved, but also in a financial sense.

It is estimated that the financial cost of road traffic collisions to the community of Derbyshire is in excess of £270 million each year.

For information on speeding, we strongly recommend you visit the re-launched Casualty Reduction Enforcement Support Team site at

Examples of information you can find on the Crest site:

  • Speed information, including speed limits and stopping distances
  • Map of safety camera locations in Derbyshire and safety camera information
  • The law around speeding, fines and courses you can take
  • News and events
  • Community news such as community speed watch schemes, road safety education and operations
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on varying topics

You can also now report speeding concerns via this page, and follow the team on Twitter via @CRESTDerbyshire


Do you need a quick answer to a general question? Then we recommend you visit the national Ask The Police web site.