Safety Advice

Officers talking to cyclists

Derbyshire Constabulary works with members of the public and local agencies to reduce crime and risks to safety. Together we can maintain a good quality of life for people living or working in the county, as well as visitors.

In this section you can find advice and information on keeping yourself safe.

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Personal Security|

Read about keeping yourself safe, dealing with hate crime and what to do if you are a victim of, or a witness to, a crime.

An officer in the street

Home Security|

This section aims to raise awareness among householders about what can be done to reduce the chances of having their homes burgled.

A simulated street robbery

Street Robbery|

Protect yourself and your possessions with our useful advise to guard yourself against street robbery.

Drone Safety|

With the rise of unmanned aerial vehicles, know your responsibilities as a drone operator.


We've created this cybercrime hub where you can find helpful information and advice around protecting yourself online.