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Campaign to Stop Terrorists' and Extremists' Online Presence


Tackling extremist material is important to protect the public and prevent offences that incite or promote terrorism and extremism.

From Friday, April 15 at 7.00am, a 36-hour period of intensive activity will take place in the Counter Terrorism Intranet Referral Unit (CTIRU) as part of the STOP Terrorists’ & Extremists’ Online Presence campaign

The internet and social media provides many opportunities for those with extreme views to target young or vulnerable individuals. 

The Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit put considerable effort into removing terrorist and extremist material however communities defeat terrorism, which is why we must maintain the strong relationship between the public and police.

Police depend on information from the public in our efforts to keep us all safe and we are asking anyone who has concerns about online content to report it by clicking the STOP Terrorists’ & Extremists’ Online button.

About Prevent


Working in partnership for safer communities we aim to:

  • Support vulnerable individuals and institutes.
  • Support the resilience of communities.
  • Promote confidence and good relations in our communities.
  • Prevent violent extremism in Derbyshire.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our team on 101:

Insp Karl Mortimer (Prevent Delivery Manager)

Sgt John Booker

PC Jamie Robinson

PC Lucy Moorcroft

PC Jas Basra

Rachel Sheppard

Prevent Referral Form

Attached to the right of this page is the Prevent Referral Form. This form should be used to report an individual who is considered to be at risk of radicalisation from extremist or terrorist narratives.

The work that the Prevent Team performs within Derbyshire: 

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Youth Engagement

The Prevent Team is there to support and protect vulnerable individuals susceptible to radicalisation and prevent them being drawn into terrorist activity.


Force crest Question the Team

On this page you will find the questions the Prevent Team is most frequently asked, as well as their responses.

  Pose your own question to the team. 

Internet Button Internet Safety

As a result of our engagement with schools, it is apparent that there is a need for information regarding internet safety to be available to parents. This page offers advice on software that can assist in limiting your children's access to the Internet.


View our list of useful Internet safety links.

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