Terrorism is a recognized threat throughout the UK

Terrorism is a recognised threat throughout the UK and although Derby may not seem to be as much at risk as other larger cities, it is not an area that is overlooked.

Derbyshire Constabulary and our partners have an integral role to play working with local communities to support people who are vulnerable to being drawn into criminal activity. This could be in relation to drugs, knife crime, guns and gangs or involvement in violent extremism.

Alongside this and other work though, you too can help.

Always report suspicious activity. While it's important that we all go about our daily business normally, it's also sensible to remain alert to danger and to report any suspicious activity you see or hear.

What you know can help. If you know of a threat to national security or you want to report suspicious activity, there are several ways to reach us:

  •     In an emergency call 999
  •     Call the police counter-terrorism hotline on 0800 789 321
  •     You can remain anonymous, and you may save lives.

Some people use the Internet to spread hate and violent extremism. They chat with their supporters, share their beliefs and hope to gain new followers online. Find out what is illegal in the UK, and how you can report it at the Direct.gov website|.

The strategy to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism is known as 'Prevent' and forms just one strand of CONTEST, the Government's national counter terrorism strategy.

Read more about CONTEST and Prevent.|

Prevent Team

Derbyshire Constabulary's Prevent Team works in partnership with local communities to support the vulnerable, promote confidence and to prevent violent extremism.

Their activities include classroom excercises - Act Now and WRAP 2 training, Youth engagement, repect sessions for women and many other community-based events.

Read more about the Prevent Team's activities and how you can get in touch.|

Counter Terrorism Security Advisors

Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSAs), provide protective security advice and guidance to an extensive range of businesses and individuals across our county.

Find out how the CTSAs can help your business, and get in touch with the team|.

Do you need a quick answer to a general question? Then we recommend you visit the national Ask The Police web site.