Victims and Witnesses

JIGSAW - Justice Information Guide Supporting and Advising Witnesses


JIGSAW (Justice Information Guide Supporting and Advising Witnesses) is designed to help you piece together your involvement in the criminal justice system. It should make you feel more confident about what will happen after you have reported or witnessed a crime and help you play your all important role in bringing an offender to justice.

Choose an option from the following areas:

Supporting you during an investigation

If you're thinking of reporting, or have reported a crime, this section will outline the next steps in the process from the police receving a call, to the investgation process and potential arrests. It also outlines what support is available to you during this time, such as Victim Support.

Going to court

The 'Going to Court' section will help you understand what going to court means: where you may have to go, what help there will be for you and what you can expect when you arrive at court.

Justice working for you

Once the court case has finished, this section outlines what the outcomes of the case will mean for you: what the sentencing might be, how to claim compensation and what an appeal could mean.

Useful information

After watching the JIGSAW video, this section will help you find a local support service that can provide advice and offer support during and after the whole process.

Do you need a quick answer to a general question? Then we recommend you visit the national Ask The Police web site.