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In an emergency always call 999

From the Burglar's Eyes

Most burglars will walk around an area to identify potential targets.

  • They will look at homes from the road, any adjoining track, footpath, playing field or other open land before deciding which home to break into. At this time the burglar has not even entered your property.
  • Burglars will initially look for a home which appears to be empty and has easy access to the back of the building. The surrounding area will also provide the burglar with good cover, for example trees and high bushes.
  • Burglars prefer homes which have no visible signs of protection such as alarms or lighting. Homes left insecure with windows or doors left open are even more inviting. 

Having chosen the property, the burglar will do several things. For example:

  • Look through the windows to see inside.
  • Check if any neighbours are watching.
  • Break in if everything appears okay. 

The burglar may only be in your home a few minutes. However, the distress caused can haunt some victims for the rest of their lives.




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