Extended households

You can join your household together with one other household to form an extended household. An extended household is treated as one household for the purposes of all the other rules.

Once you have chosen your extended household, you cannot change it.

Outdoor gatherings

You can also meet people from one other household at a time outdoors. There is no limit on the size of the group, but everyone in the group must be from two households or extended households.

Keep two metres apart from anyone you meet who isn't part of your extended household.

Exceptions include:

  • helping in an emergency
  • caring for a vulnerable person
  • fulfilling a legal obligation or taking part in legal proceedings
  • people working together who cannot work from home
  • weddings or civil partnerships
  • funerals
  • moving house

Indoor gatherings

You cannot be indoors with anyone who isn't part of your extended household without a reasonable excuse.

Exceptions to the rules

Reasonable excuses to be indoors with someone outside your extended household include to:

  • go shopping
  • exercise outdoors, as long as the exercise starts at your home
  • get medical help and supplies, including for pets
  • give blood
  • care for a vulnerable person
  • help in an emergency
  • escape an abusive or other dangerous situation at home
  • work, if you cannot work from home, including volunteering or charity work
  • take children to school or childcare, or take them between parents’ homes
  • visit estate agents, view property or move house
  • go to a recycling centre
  • visit a library
  • get money or collect a delivery
  • fulfil a legal obligation or take part in legal proceedings
  • access social, employment or victim support services
  • provide essential voluntary services or public services
  • attend a funeral or visit a burial ground or remembrance garden
  • go to a place of worship for individual prayer
  • attend a wedding, civil partnership or funeral
  • continue existing arrangements for contact between parents and children
  • train for or take part in a professional or other elite sports event

These rules do not apply to people who are homeless.

Police powers and fines for breaking coronavirus rules


Shops are now allowed to open. Shops must make sure customers stay two metres apart from people who aren’t from their household.

Places like cafes, restaurants and pubs are only allowed to open for takeaway.

You must stay two metres apart from anyone outside your household at all times.

More information on business closures

Reporting a social distancing violation

Please make sure you understand what is and is not allowed before you get in touch with us. We particularly want you to tell us about large gatherings of people obviously from many different households (remembering that two extended households could form quite a large group).

You can tell us about a serious breach of the coronavirus rules online.

More on what you can and cannot do from the Welsh government


This downloadable guide will be updated soon to reflect the latest rules.