It's important that you report changes in circumstance to us within seven or eight days, depending on the change.

To report any change, or to ask for a new visa, please email us. We will:

  • make an appointment for you
  • tell you where the appointment will be
  • tell you what documents you will need to bring with you to the appointment

Find out below which changes should be reported and how soon to report them.

You must report the following changes:

  • residential address (within seven days of the change)
  • work address (within eight days)
  • study address (within eight days)
  • occupation (within eight days)
  • name (within seven days)
  • nationality (within seven days)
  • passport or travel documentation (within seven days)
  • marital status (within seven days)
  • new or extended visa (within seven days)
  • PRC lost, stolen or damaged (as soon as possible)
  • PRC is full (within seven days)
  • returning to the UK after more than 12 months away (within seven days)

This service is free of charge.