Prevent is part of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy

The role of our Prevent Team officers is to provide practical support to tackle the problem of terrorism and extremism at its roots and prevent vulnerable people and communities from being drawn into terrorism. This includes far-right extremism and some aspects of non-violent extremism.

We work with a range of partners including:

  • local authorities
  • schools and colleges
  • faith leaders
  • community groups, including women’s groups and youth groups
  • voluntary services

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How you can help

The journey to becoming radicalised is different for everyone and there are many reasons why a person becomes vulnerable.

If you’re worried that any of your friends, neighbours or relatives is at risk of getting involved in terrorism or extremism, there are signs to look out for. These include someone who:

  • is at a transitional phase in their life, perhaps leaving or starting college, or changing jobs
  • is looking to find an identity, a sense of belonging, status or excitement
  • is susceptible to being influenced or controlled, or wants to dominate others
  • has a sense of grievance, injustice or who feels under threat
  • has an emotional desire for political or moral change
  • is secretive about social networking contacts

Find out more about what to look out for at Let’s Talk About It

Tell us about your concerns

If you have concerns about any of your friends, neighbours or relatives, you can tell us about them by clicking 'Make a referral' below to complete our quick and simple online form. If it's an emergency, please call 999.

You can also contact the Prevent Team on 0300 122 8694.

Or you can call anonymously on 0800 789 321.

If you see online material promoting terrorism or extremism, you can report it online.

Raise awareness of Prevent at community events

Our Prevent team works with local communities to raise awareness of Prevent. 

You can speak to your local policing team or your local council community team about helping run local events about Prevent.

We’ll attend your event to make sure our communities understand the work we’re doing and have a say in the way we do it.

We’ll tell you more about the signs and behavioural changes to look out for in someone who might be becoming involved in terrorism or extremism and explain who might be at risk.

We also have a youth forum to communicate directly with young people  –  the youngest person convicted of terrorism-related offences in this country in recent years was 16, and just 15 and at school when they were recruited by a terrorist group. 

If you'd like to contact us regarding youth engagement or be part of our forum, pease call the Prevent Team on 0300 122 8694.

What happens next

Anyone who’s referred to the Prevent team is assessed by the police and local authority to see if they’re suitable for Channel, the specialist support scheme.

The scheme includes things like theological or ideological mentoring, help with mental health, drug or alcohol abuse issues, as well as education and career advice.

More about Prevent

Prevent isn’t about spying on our communities. It isn’t targeted at religion – extremists can come from any background. It’s not about blame. There’s no hidden agenda to criminalise any individual or to target any community or group.

Follow the work of our Prevent Team on Twitter: @DerbyPrevent

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