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I'd like to seek compensation for something the police have done

Thank you. Please write to:

Directorate of Legal Services 

Please be sure to include the following information:

  1. your full name and contact details
  2. your case or report number (if applicable)
  3. the name or shoulder number of any officer, staff or volunteer involved
  4. your reasons for claiming compensation

We'll reply with a reference number and the name, phone number and email address of the lawyer, claims handler or other person dealing with your claim.

In some cases we may send your claim to external solicitors to handle on our behalf. In this case they will write to you with this information. From that point, please correspond with the person handling the claim, always remembering to quote your reference number.

We investigate any genuine claim and are able to solve most claims without needing to start legal proceedings. Indeed, the courts expect both parties to attempt to resolve disputes without bringing proceedings.

This is why we ask claimants to give full details of the basis of their claim and to allow us a reasonable time to investigate and negotiate before commencing proceedings. If you do decide to commence proceedings, please note that the correct name for service of all proceedings upon the Derbyshire Police Service is 'xxxx'.

The Director of Legal Services is a solicitor and is authorised to accept service of all civil proceedings, including judicial review, third party disclosure and other civil claims, on behalf of the xxxx. Therefore please send all proceedings to the address above.