Derbyshire Constabulary receives around 2,300 calls a day and deals with approximately 55,000 crimes a year. As such, it requires considered structure and division of disciplines and skills; with the aim of maintaining a finely tuned, cohesive organisation.

The structure of Derbyshire Constabulary

  • 1,770 officers
  • 1,625 police staff
  • 160 police community support officers
  • 215 special constables

Your local police service is complemented by the following departments and units within Derbyshire Constabulary:

Business Futures develops strategies and policies that support day-to-day operational policing and provides up-to-date performance management data to assist operational commanders in achieving national and local targets.

Contact Management supports operational staff dealing with all initial 999 and 101 non-emergency calls.

Crime Support comprises three specialist sections: Force Intelligence, Covert Authorities Bureau, and the East Midlands Special Operations Unit, responsible for the professional investigation of most serious and organised crime in Derbyshire.

Criminal Justice supports investigations through the criminal justice process and is the central point of contact between the police and other criminal justice agencies including the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the courts service.

Finance and Business Services comprises Corporate and Strategic Finance, Assets, Business Support, Procurement and Programme Management areas ensuring we have one estate fit for our policing model.

Human Resources supports recruitment, health and wellbeing, training services, staff terms and conditions, promotion examinations and boards, consultation with staff associations and trade unions, IT systems, leadership and workforce development.

Information Services comprises Programmes and Projects, Service Operations, and Service Improvement sections.

Legal Services - East Midlands Police Legal Services is part of the East Midlands Police Collaboration Programme providing legal advice and representation to the chief constables and police and crime commissioners of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire. In addition, East Midlands Police Legal Services also provides advice and representation to the Northamptonshire fire and rescue service.

Operational Support provides specialist resources and support to our divisions and Crime Support.

Scientific Support provides specialist skills and expertise in fingerprint identification and enhancement, imaging, footwear intelligence and forensic analysis.