Derbyshire Constabulary is supporting ‘Op Close Pass’ - encouraging drivers to leave at least 1.5m clearance when overtaking a cyclist.

Operation Close Pass is a national initiative in which the aim is to educate road users into providing a safe passing distance to cyclists when overtaking.

In Autumn 2018, during the launch of the campaign, officers from our Roads Policing Unit and some of our special constables set up dedicated check sites on major roads in Derby.

Sergeant Adam Shipley and PC Lee Simpson cycled 70 miles around the city centre equipped with Go-Pro cameras to identify drivers who passed too closely and dangerously.

On a positive note, only four motorists were stopped.

As the vast majority of road users gave them plenty of space, the drivers that were stopped were all advised as to the minimum safe passing distance, and no prosecutions were made.

Officers also gave out a number of reflective snap bands to cyclists with no lights on and to those wearing dark clothing, and advised them about the dangers of not being visible to motorists.

Our Roads Policing Team will be running the operation again soon, across different parts of the county. To get an idea of the safe distance in which to pass a cyclist on the roads, take a look at this mat which is marked out to look like a road, with the appropriate safe distance of 1.5m marked on it.