If you've lost or found property in a public place, we may be able to help. Answer the questions below to find the best thing to do next.


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I've lost an item somewhere

If you're not sure where you lost the item, try searching places you've been to recently and ask any nearby shops or cafes if they've had someone find it and leave it with them.

For UK passports or driving licences, report the loss to the Passport Office or DVLA.

For foreign passports, ID cards and driving licences, please report the loss to us at a police station. Please use the finder below to find the station closest to where you lost the item.

For bank cards or other official documents, such as birth certificates and bank statements, report the loss to the office that issued it.

If it's one of the following items then it may have been handed in to us, so check with any police stations in the area: 

  • mobile phones
  • computers
  • tablets
  • MP3 players
  • any other item capable of containing data
  • UK passport
  • cash or a wallet or purse (some forces will only accept these if they are worth or contain over £500)
  • bank cards, identity cards or personal documentation (eg bank statements or benefit books)
  • birth, marriage or death certificate
  • UK driving licence

If it isn't one of these, then it's unlikely to have been handed in to us.

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