If someone you know has gone missing or you’ve seen, or have information about, a missing person, please get in touch. Find out below how to get help from the police and other organisations.

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Report a UK resident missing in another country

Thank you. If you think this person may be in immediate danger, please call 999 now.

If you don't think they're in immediate danger, please call our non-emergency number, 101.

Please have the following information ready, if possible:

  • date and time the person was last seen and who by
  • what they were wearing when they were last seen
  • their description, such as height, colouring, marks or scars
  • where they were staying
  • any contacts in the country you think they either are or may be in
  • anything that has already been done to try to find them
  • any vulnerabilities they have, such as medical needs or a disability
  • their date of birth
  • their mobile phone number and details of any social media accounts

Even if you’re not sure, we'd rather hear from you and make the decision ourselves.