Medical information process

The following process will affect any new application submitted and received from 4 November 2019 and any renewal application where the certificate expires on or after 1 February 2020.

You will be required to provide medical information verified by a GP for all firearm and shotgun applications - this includes renewals. This will apply to any application, whether declaring a medical condition or not. The change is being implemented to enable the Police to make informed decisions which will protect both the shooting community and the wider public. The change will mean a consistent and fair process for all applicants, and will assist in improving application processing times.

The fact you have a condition may not necessarily mean your application is refused. However, a false declaration could result in your prosecution, or your application being refused, or your existing certificate being revoked and your firearms or shotguns being seized.

How to request this information

You will need to request the information from your GP surgery using the GP letter template (Word doc). Present this at your GP practice with the fee agreed between you and the practice. Once completed by the GP, the GP report must be submitted at the same time as you make your application to the Police. Your GP practice may also choose to send it directly to the Police and provide you with a copy.'