Derbyshire Constabulary is committed to the prevention and detection of crime and the protection of life and property. We have been at the forefront of local, regional and national policing in respect of organised crime and have been  assessed by the HMICFS for several consecutive years as outstanding at dealing with organised crime (modern slavery, human trafficking and organised immigration crime is “organised crime”).

In recent years we have been a leading force on the modern slavery agenda, introducing;

  • Operation Advenus in respect of organised immigration crime and intelligence gathering
  • Operation Bruno – a pro-active initiative throughout the county, where a dedicated team visited all of our risk areas, such as nail bars , car washes and distribution centres, to conduct a series of activities aimed at identifying victims, promoting better intelligence and raising awareness of modern slavery.
  • Creation of a Modern Slavery Community Safety partnership with statutory partners which is led by the local authorities:
  • Pro-active operations like Operation Atwood, the nationally-recognised Operation Doubrava and associated best practice dissemination to peers, the College of Policing and the community.
  • Introduction of a specialist modern slavery investigation team, specifically for victim engagement and the identification of victims.

Modern slavery graphic 2.PNG