Effectiveness is measured against appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The force does not currently have a performance framework for monitoring against Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act and this will form part of our action plan. We intend to develop a proportionate framework which will focus on qualitative outcomes with a view to providing performance information using:-

A completed HMICFRS self-assessment in respect of the policing response to modern slavery and we are aware of the national findings and recommendations.

Partnership working is essential in tackling modern slavery and human trafficking (MSHT) and much of the partnership work is driven through the Derby and Derbyshire Modern Slavery Partnership. Membership to the partnership is open to all agencies in the public, private and voluntary sectors and individuals who make a commitment to work together to fight slavery and support victims of slavery in Derby and Derbyshire.

We will endeavour to enhance opportunities to continue cross-departmental and agency liaison and will seek to measure the success of these relationships. We have reviewed the range of roles that are invited and consequently will be ensuring that a broader range of roles such as procurement and HR are included to assist with Section 54 issues.

We are committed to ensuring that all victims carrying out criminal acts under compulsion attributable to slavery or exploitation are afforded the protection of early and continuing consideration of the applicability of the Section 45 defence.

In 2019, the team developed a training video which has been disseminated to law enforcement agencies throughout the UK.

We strive to improve our ability to identify victims of modern slavery and will be developing our programme of engagement with strategic partners. Our specialist team has developed a new First Responders’ Victim Pack, which provides essential guidance to those dealing with some of the most vulnerable victims within society.

We have been using the preventative powers under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 to restrict the activities of those  deemed to pose a clear threat to others, and during 2018/19 the force successfully imposed 11 slavery and trafficking
prevention orders. Our intention is to further promote and enhance the quality of these and encourage use by other forces and to track our success.

In our procurement and HR teams, we have identified areas for improvement such as training, due diligence and a business engagement strategy. These have been raised and our action plan populated with measures to mitigate against this with activities such as the development of a supplier awareness and engagement strategy. Performance against these will be tracked and reported on during the next period of modern slavery activity and will include measures such as:-

  • One - Risk assessment of our supply chain beyond Tier 1
  • Two - Development of our codes of conduct and evaluation of suppliers communicated with
  • Three - Number and quality of responses from suppliers
  • Four - Business engagement and community 'influence strategy' - review of how these have been enhanced and improved
  • Five - Actions taken to strengthen the supply chain due diligence, auditing and verification.