The strategic priorities for the force are set annually as part of our assessment of “Threat, Risk and Harm.”

Modern slavery (including human trafficking and immigration crime) are included as a priority for the force. We are part of the Derby and Derbyshire Modern Slavery Partnership and we pro-actively support the priorities for stakeholders on that forum. This statement and the associated plan will incorporate agreed tasks from that group in addition to our own specific activity, identified through our continuous improvement action plan.

Our response to modern slavery is co-ordinated alongside the Home Office Organised Crime Strategy called the 4Ps and is delivered with cross-departmental senior leadership via the Force Tasking and Coordination group by a combination of:-

  • Frontline officers (patrol, response and operations division)
  • PCSOs and the Special Constabulary
  • Ground cover detectives
  • Specialist Modern Slavery Team
  • Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU)- which coordinates the region's response to modern slavery and human trafficking, and 'county lines' and feeds into national policing working with the National Crime Agency

In addition, the force has Senior Investigation Officers with specialist crime investigation training, who lead investigations into organised criminality, including modern slavery.

During our internal review, we identified that several departments, such as procurement, and HR, are not represented in respect of modern slavery. A cross -functional modern slavery working group to address internal continuous improvement, will form part of the action plan.

We have reviewed our modern slavery response and believe that there are four aspects that a police force needs to address in order to review its exposure to modern slavery, influence stakeholders and ensure modern slavery due diligence.

These are:

  • One - Force capability. Victims, offenders and crime management, stakeholder engagement.
  • Two - Internal capability / HR and infrastructure (vetting, on boarding, recruitment and agencies)
  • Three - External capability, procurement and the supply chain
  • Four - Business engagement strategy.

Traditionally we have focused on the first aspect of our response “Force capability” and have recognised that to ensure a holistic approach we need to review and change our practices, operations, policies and procedures in respect of 2), 3) and 4).