There is a modern slavery training strategy which is managed regionally through the crime training department.

All new recruits are taught how to “spot the signs” during their initial training.

An e-learning course has been developed and all staff are required to complete this, however there are currently no details available about the compliance rate.

Detectives complete a specific training module on modern slavery investigations during their training.

The force modern slavery team also ensures that up-to-date, relevant training packages are available to the detectives course, which they will deliver. This has been shown to improve knowledge and also the commitment by reinforcing our values and priority to deal effectively with modern slavery.

Our force runs a specialist four-day modern slavery and human trafficking investigators course for the East Midlands region, enabling and guiding our workforce and key partners to deal with this criminality as we grow in confidence, streamline and embed it into daily business.

To promote greater awareness of modern slavery, we regularly speak on the topic and deliver internal and external training including:

  • The Medaille Trust International Criminal Justice Conference
  • The Latvian CBSS Presidency
  • The Modern Slavery Police Transformation Units “Enhancing Modern Slavery International Engagement Conference” in London.

In March 2019, we deployed an officer to work in collaboration with the Joint International Policing Hub in Hanoi Vietnam to assist the Peoples’ Police Academy (PPA) in developing modern slavery training.

Our review has identified the potential needs assessment internally for HR, procurement and Contact Management, and externally for suppliers and their supply chain and plans over the next reporting period will begin to understand and address those needs.

Report it

Communities have an important role to play in recognising abuse. If you suspect someone may be a victim of modern slavery, tell someone. You will always be taken seriously and protection and support is available.

To report a suspicion or seek advice:

Modern Slavery Helpline

08000 121 700

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year