We are committed to ensuring that the people of Derbyshire receive the best possible service.

This includes ensuring that each and every person within Derbyshire Constabulary is fit to protect our communities.

Sadly, a very small number of people within police forces can misuse the trust placed in them for their own purposes, sometimes criminally.

If you know or suspect that an officer or member of staff is doing something that does not seem right, please tell us.

This could include an officer or member of police staff being involved in criminal activity, giving out police information, or using their status to establish or pursue a sexual or improper relationship.

This behaviour affects us all. If we know about it we will tackle it

You can report corruption anonymously to CrimeStoppers online or call their IntegrityLine on 0800 111 4444.

You can also report it directly to us via our Counter Corruption Unit 0300 122 8003.

All reports will be held in the strictest confidence.