The UpRight team is a dedicated group of emergency services workers that are committed to ensuring riders in Derbyshire are given the best opportunity to ride our beautiful roads safely and be able to provide the best level of care to any persons involved in a road traffic collision, or any day-to-day emergency.

We are really proud to be working together to achieve the above and are unique in our workings.

Tom Rowlands - UpRight Co-Ordinator/Creator

With 17 years of experience in policing, Tom started UpRight out of passion for road safety and a burning desire to reduce road accidents and fatalities within Derbyshire and surrounding counties. He is part the BikerDown training team, and his experience adds credibility to the training programme.

Tom is a (sometimes) police biker, and currently rides a BMW S1000R.

Craig Holmes - UpRight Team

Craig has been a police officer for 13 years, predominantly front line. He will be aiding with all events throughout 2020 and his passion for road safety and the benefits of further training are clear to anybody that has the pleasure of meeting him.

Craig rides (Triggers Broom) Kawasaki ZZR1100. The only original part of this bike is the number plate!

Andy Pearson - UpRight Team

Volunteer keeping all social media channels up to date and engaging. He has recently undertaken his RoSPA training on two wheels and is a sponge for knowledge. As a highly rated and passionate driving instructor we are blessed to have Andy on the team, he might be a bit crazy, but he’s our kind of crazy!

Andy rides a huge but ultimately very cool Honda CB1300!

Dave Holmes – Special Constable Road Safety

Dave has been riding for many years and is passionate about road safety and the well being of all road users. He is usually out engaging with the public, spreading the gospel of UpRight and has recently himself undertaken his RoSPA training.

Rides a mighty Triumph Explorer (but no quick shift as apparently that’s the work of the devil!)

Julia Smith - BikerDown Team

Julia has a wealth of experience, having recently left DFRS Training School where she specialised in advanced first aid training and is able to bring up-to-date knowledge and expertise in the world of first aid.

Although not a rider (yet!), we hope to see Julia on a 125cc by the end of 2021... Watch this space.

Gemma Kennedy - UpRight Team

Gemma is responsible for providing all the statistics that aid with the UpRight training programme, as well as providing details to BikerDown ensuring that the statistics and facts are up to date. She also assists with keeping the BikerDown slides and talks looking modern and engaging.

Gemma has recently been a passenger on Craig's bike (Triggers Broom), and is now looking forward to a few more trips out in 2021.

Darren Roberts / Kevin Page / Nick Beeston - Management

Behind every great team there are those that keep us grounded and aid with our drive to make the roads of Derbyshire safer. Without their continued support, the UpRight and BikerDown syllabus would look a lot different!

Although not always at the forefront of what we do, they are always in the background making sure things run smoothly.