Derbyshire Constabulary believes that Stop and Search - when used appropriately - is an effective tactic allowing the police to keep the communities of Derbyshire safe by preventing and reducing crime. As a force we follow BUSS Guidance to ensure that it is used correctly, at the right time, in the right place and in the right circumstances. We also need to our local communities to assist us in critically assessing its use.

Our action plan sets out the recommendations from the four mentioned reports and details what Derbyshire Constabulary is doing to meet these recommendations. This will be kept updated so that the progress we are making can be seen. You can see the latest performance information on the Why We Use Stop and Search page detailing the number of stop and searches and arrests broken down by ethnicity, reason for search and reason for arrest.

Latest stop and search figures

Stop and Search data packs chart the number of stop and searches carried out in Derbyshire, and the various outcomes.

You can also now view stop and search activity and download the latest stops details and outcome of stops within the county by visiting

You will see what stop and searches have been conducted in a particular area, with details on each search.

Scrutinising our stops

Scrutiny panels take place throughout the year. These are when a group of people from our Independent Advisory Group meet with staff from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to scrutinise a selection of Stop and Search forms.

If any inadequacies or errors are found these will be then fed back to the relevant officer - and their line manager - and the issues are addressed.

These are panels are held to ensure fairness and equality to everyone who is stop searched by an officer.

Further information

Below is a short video produced by Derby College students further explaining what Stop and Search is.

If you have any questions in respect of Stop and Search in Derbyshire then please email Stop&[email protected]