Understanding the different needs and demands of our diverse communities is seen as an important part of our equality and diversity strategy, which seeks to create an inclusive and positive working environment for all members of the organisation.

There are dedicated equality groups who provide support and advice on equality legislation and issues relating to diversity ensuring that the constabulary operates in a fair and equitable manner.

Our objectives

This strategy sets out our long standing commitment to fairness and equality.

For our priorities, we want to:

  • improve our processes by ensuring equality and fairness is at the heart of everything we do
  • improve our understanding of communities so we can treat everyone individually and according to their needs
  • improve protection and support for those more at risk from harm
  • improve community confidence by being open about how we police
  • create an inclusive and positive working environment for our policing family, reflecting the communities we serve.

Progress on our equality objectives has been incorporated into an action plan and will be monitored by the constabulary Confidence and Ethics Board.

Care Card

We have set up a new police telephone number for people who, for example, have difficulty using the phone, limited verbal communication, low levels of confidence or difficulty holding the handset for a long time.

Find out more about this service, or sign up for it.

Gender pay gap

While the force is committed to equal work for equal pay, an over-representation of men in higher ranking positions – together with more men having been employed for longer periods - means a 8.2% gap exists in average police officer pay during 2018-19.

A similar male over-representation in senior staff positions accounts for a mean gap of 15% in police staff. The overall gap across officers and staff stands at 18.7%.

Derbyshire Constabulary is already hosting a number of initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality, including support networks and mentoring initiatives. See our Gender Pay Rate Report (below) for the full data, as well as information about the work we're doing to improve ourselves in this area.

LGBTQ and equality

Our organisation is committed to making the workplace LGBTQ inclusive and to ensure the service we provide address the needs and concerns of the LGBTQ community. As part of our commitment to LGBTQ equality, Derbyshire Constabulary takes part in the annual Stonewall Workplace Equality Index to assess and improve our current initiatives, promoting a better working environment for LGBTQ employees and more importantly to improve the service we provide to the LGBTQ Community.

We are proud to be a Stonewall Diversity Champion and a committed LGBTQ inclusive employer. We believe everyone should be themselves at work regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

The Independent Advisory Group

The Independent Advisory Group aims to work as partners with the police service to increase trust and provide constructive independent advice on the quality of service delivery to all communities.

The role of the Independent Advisory Group is not one of scrutiny, but ensures the policy, procedure and practices of the Derbyshire Constabulary meets the strategic aims of the Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy and provide a safeguard against disadvantaging any section of our communities through the lack of understanding, ignorance and mistaken belief by the service.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Independent Advisory Group, you can register your interest using our simple form.

Useful information and feedback

We have a statutory obligation under the Equality Act 2010 to publish our equality information (see below) each year.

If you would like to provide general feedback on our equality strategy, anything you see on these pages, or would like to volunteer to participate in focus groups on equality, then please provide your comments to:

Equality Unit
Derbyshire Constabulary Police HQ
Butterley Hall
DE56 2BG

Phone: dial101 and ask for the Equality Unit (during normal office hours)
Text phone users: 18001
Fax: 01773 571102
Email: [email protected]